These digital lectures are available via Zoom or at your location. Especially popular with camera clubs from all over the UK. You will be shown a variety of amazing pictures and you will also learn about settings, equipment, location and the story on how they were taken.

Lectures are approximately 2 hours long with a 10 minute break in the middle. Contact us for further information and prices.

Our Photography Work & Hobby

Wildlife Photography
Around the UK

Arctic Foxes of Iceland
& UK Winter Wildlife


A PDI talk about when I was a full time photographer and photographed some of the Royal family and celebrities. 
I also talk about the different types of photography I carried out for work including interior, weddings, and media. 
The talk also includes the hobby side of photography by myself and my husband which includes nature, planes, trains and buses.


After many years of photographing wildlife we present to you some of our favourite photographs and show you some fantastic and not expensive to get to locations to capture stunning wildlife shots. 
I explain shooting techniques and settings and show you the equipment we use. 


Photographing the Blue Morph Arctic Foxes on Hornstrandir Nature Reserve in Iceland, on the edge of the Arctic Circle.
We spent 5 days on the reserve with these amazing animals and explain travel getting there, technique, clothing and equipment. 
The 2nd part of the talk is on photographing UK Wildlife in the Winter, covering location, technique, style, and settings.