• Alison Jenkins

Wow that camera is amazing, I bet it takes fantastic Photos!

Wow That camera is amazing it takes fantastic pictures!!! I hear it all of the time. That camera takes amazing pictures. But how does the camera know what to take, which direction to point, where the best light source is? Did that camera spend years studying and perfecting technique, did the camera gain several high level distinctions and certifications. Is that camera constantly looking to learn new techniques and always aim to do everything to the best of it's ability? Without the photographer controlling the camera, the camera would not know what to do. Yes, cameras do have automatic mode if one so wishes to use it (wash my mouth out), but then the camera is choosing what it believes to be the best settings, which is not always the best for the scene. Tools help the handyman, but the handyman does the work. By the way you have an amazing cooker, I bet it makes great dinners.

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